Just over 6 months ago I began to use Lisa’s Glamour Hippie Holistics skin care line and am so happy I gave it a try. Prior to beginning her regime, being 49 and peri-menopausal, my skin was throwing me for a loop. I was having monthly break-outs and dry, flaky skin in combination. I thought what do I use, tons of moisturizer on top of acne creams? I tried Lancome, Neutrogena and Aveeno skin care lines with no positive effects. I have been faithful to Lisa’s all natural and organic products since February and am happy to report that my skin has not looked this good for quite a long time! It is so well nourished, soft, clear and if I do say so myself, dewy – the ultimate for me. I wear minimal make-up on my skin if at all because I don’t “need” to. I am excited to start with her new Neroli toner and I think her Facial Oil Seum is the bomb. I start and end my day feeling like I have been at a spa. I look forward to any new products she creates and will continue to use Glamour Hippie Holistic skin care exclusively. Your products are as wonderful and special as Lisa! – Nancy P

I just want to thank you Lisa for creating Glamour Hippie Holistic Skincare!! I absolutely love all of the products!
I just received my Repair Moisturizer, Exfoliator and the Healing Serum, the are heavenly!
My skin has never looked better!!!!💖😘 – Mandy

Thank you Lisa for creating Glamour Hippie. My skin is glowing, it feels nourished and it is balanced and healthy. Your blend of essential oils is uplifting… like a daily visit to the spa.

Like so many women, I have made a conscious decision to stop using toxic and chemical laden products on my skin. It’s comforting to know that you use all natural and organic ingredients and that each product is handmade with love. ❤️ Lori

Lisa Jardine‎ is the creator of the Glamour Hippie Skin Care Line and she has definitely filled each jar with ‘everything good’. I have used Glamour Hippie products for 4 months now and my skin has never looked better. I love the fact that the Glamour Hippie line of products are made from all natural and organic ingredients. The scent from the essential oils make  it a treat to cleanse my skin….I feel like I am at the spa. Once you try Glamour Hippie you will never go back to your old skin care line.  Everything from the Cleansers to the Moisturizer’s, the Facial Oil Serum, nourishes and heals my skin. Love it !!! – Trish C

Thank you for making these amazing products. I can’t wait for my daily rituals of cleansing and moisturizing my face now – it really feels like I’m at the spa! Your serum is heavenly, and the cleanser and moisturizer so calming and all smell so delicious. The best part – my acne totally cleared up after just a few days and my skin has an actual glow to it. Please keep the creations going…love love!!! – Patricia W

 I have a standing in-home 1-hour reiki session followed by a guided meditation with Lisa every other week. (And for me it’s mandatory!) I cannot tell you how zen and balanced I feel after my sessions each and every time. My stress levels are often off the charts and my mind rarely quiet. In addition to the mind and body work we do – the impact that Lisa’s hormonal protocol has made on my energy and stress levels is mind boggling! This lady is beyond professional, warm, engaging and extremely knowledgeable! With my busy schedule the in-home option is a must-must!!“- Joanna

    “Time and time again I frequented others who practice meditation and reiki. Respectfully, I walked away without feeling that energetic and soul connection until I met Lisa. She was the one person who genuinely cares about your well-being. Gently and kindly she leaves you feeling that your journey to better health matters. She doesn’t cloud you into making you question that you need to depend on her rather, she gently guides you through the process and allows you the space achieve your health goals without judgment.”   – Josie

Lisa has been a very important part of my healing journey.  Just her presence and energy is amazing!  We do both energy work and meditation together.  I think anyone can benefit from her services!”    – Kelly C

Lisa has a very special ability to heal and soothe your soul. I saw Lisa after ending a bad relationship, and her work helped to rebalance my mind, heart, and soul. I was blown away  by the way I felt after I saw her. She definitely has a gift! – Alexandra

    “Lisa has done reiki on me to help me with my migraines.  Not only have my migraines decreased in the amount of times I have them but I have had migraines while she is doing reiki and have felt much better when I leave.  Lisa also did distance reiki on me when I was getting ready for my operation, it is amazing that she can be far away yet it feels as though I am in the same room as her having the reiki done. It is an amazing feeling.” – Laura

    “Every time Lisa walks into the room her energy just makes you feel better, she is a ray of sunshine!  Lisa’s intuition is undeniable, I have enjoyed Reiki and meditation, always walking away lighter! I have recommended her to my family and my friends and they love her as much as I do. :)” Ashley M

“Lisa is a very special person with an honest & natural soothing way of healing. Her intuitive abilities allow her to guide you through your journey in a loving, gentle manner.”  Michelle

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